Yabangee Recommends: “Where should I take my tourist friend who won’t admit to being a tourist?”

(Source: Tutto)

“Where should I take my tourist friend who won’t admit to being a tourist?”

There are two very different types of friends who come to visit us in Istanbul – those who are comfortable in their identity as a “tourist”, and those who are very firmly not. For those friends who staunchly refuse to admit that they are uncool in any way, a diplomatic and genuinely delicious option for breakfast, lunch or dinner is Tutto Cafe-Bistro. Located on an unassuming street halfway between Taksim and Cihangir, Tutto’s dimly lit, cozy atmosphere and cool mural artwork give it the vibe of an underground artist’s collective, yet the English menu and wide variety of dishes keeps it firmly within the realm of the tourist-friendly. It’s a great spot for a lively lunch or dinner with your visiting friends (and it’s also the perfect place for a solitary date with your laptop and a latte once your guests have left). While it is difficult to find a bad option on their menu, their menemen is a particularly noteworthy breakfast option. For lunch and dinner, the cheese and nut starter plate and the mushroom chicken wrap are not to be missed. On a few dates each month, Tutto hosts musical performances by small, local groups. While a reservation is not normally required, you will need one if you want to get a seat on the night of a concert. (Their Facebook page has information on upcoming show dates.) Regardless of whether you catch a performance or just stop by for a meal, your totally-not-a-tourist friend will feel like he or she has tapped into the hidden underground of Istanbul, and you will look even cooler for having known about it.

Address: Katip Çelebi Mahallesi, Billurcu Sokak, No 18, Beyoğlu, İstanbul



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