Review: A Photographer’s Evening with PJ Harvey

“Fifteen keys, fifteen keys hang on a chain…”

These were the first words the fuzzy audience heard from Polly Jean at Zorlu PSM on Wednesday 8 June.

The Queen stepped alongside the band marching via the leadership of the tambour.
Ten band members appeared on stage, signalling that the gig would feature the richness of an orchestra.

The night begun with Chain of Keys and proceeded through a catalogue of other songs from their last album The Hope Six Demolition Project (2016).

PJ sang through all but one song from her last album and placed a clear emphasis on her latest project.

As fans, it must be said we were let down due to the lack of hit songs. The only hit from previous albums was Down by the Water. Fans were eager to hear other hits like Black Hearted Love, Good Fortune and This is Love. At the end on the concert the audience were adamant for an encore and stayed in the venue in the hope of listening to more songs.

The opening band LOW reminded of ‘Yo La Tengo’ who played in 2012 at Garajistanbul. A trio, again with female drummer, did have a smoother sound. It was a good opportunity for LOW to meet a Turkish audience since their concert the previous year through IKSV.

A full set-list of PJ’s Zorlu PSM gig is below:
Chain of Keys
Ministry of Defense
Community of Hope
Line in the Sand
Orange Monkey
Let England Shake
Words that Maketh…
The Glorious Land
When under Ether
Dollar Dollar
The Wheel
Ministry of Social
50th Queenie
Down by the Water
To bring you my Love
River Anacostia

More photos can be found via the author


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