Across The Line @ Zorlu Center PSM

Zorlu PSM will host Exhibition: Across the Line between Tuesday, November 14th through Monday, December 25th. Exhibition is open to public and entry is free.

From the organizer:

Across the Line Exhibition is a group exhibition of mixed media, installation, coding, lighting, sculpture and mechanic born from the interaction between 12 artists from various creative disciplines, gathered as part of the two-week AltCity Istanbul Residency program held in collaboration between British Council and Digi.logue, led by the U.K.-based digital art collective SquidSoup.

What lies across the line?

Creating artworks out of the trace of interaction between technology, physical objects, and various disciplines, the exhibition focuses on the sense of exploration when one goes across the line. Bringing the experience of Istanbul’s chaotic urban texture with physical structures and advanced technologies through concrete installations, mechanical structures, and digital surface deformations, Across the Line looks for a new balance and harmony at the heart of this meta-structure. Having gone beyond their lines into others and interacting with each other
at the meeting, points to give birth to this collaboration and harmony, artists are inspired by the creation of a cognitive utopic living space. Numeric values placed in tactile objects, electrical currents, light pieces, mechanical structures and sounds encourage onlookers to ponder that the utopia of creating one’s own future is only possible through a collective consciousness and the flexibility and transparency of lines between concepts.
Each work tells its own story in relation to this utopia, continuing to build a dialogue with the visitors, to interact with their lines, and to invite them into their own lines.

For more information, check out the official event page.

Images sourced via Zorlu PSM.

Levazım Mah., Koru Sok. No:2, 34340 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

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