A Glimpse into Müz Botanik Kafe

During my first few days in Istanbul, I happened to pass Müz Botanik Kafe by chance. I was in a hurry, but the little I could see from outside prompted me to note their name in my notebook. I was struck by the colour green in different tones and shapes, standing out as a result of an unusual amount of plants. Soon after, I was able to make my way to the enchanting cafe. I had two cups of coffee and a delicious piece of brownie, but more importantly, I adopted a plant for my new room in Beyoğlu. I was treated so nicely by the kindhearted waitress and spoiled by the tasteful, love-in-each-detail decor and ambiance, that I would have loved to stay for the rest of the day, indulging in more cups of coffee and a binder.

Müz Botanik

I got curious about the place and its concept, so naturally decided to find out more and asked some questions to owner Gülriz Sansoy. Whether it is a nice plant, an organic candle poured into a dark brown glass, filigran jewelry or simply something small and beautiful to surprise a loved one, in this little urban jungle you get to find something special in every corner. Owner Gülriz Sansoy has a personal passion for plants. Before she opened Müz, she did work as a set decorator in the film industry. The Botanik Kafe has given her the chance to focus on two things she loves, ‘home decor’ and ‘plants’.

Müz Botanik

Some of the plants are imported from the Netherlands and others are from Yalova. It holds a special value to Müz Botaink Kafe to work with local suppliers as much as possible. The same also applies to the other products. The jewelry one can buy at Müz is made by local designer Yuka and attracts attention through its delicate lines. On the basis of collaborative projects between Müz and Yuka, you will find pieces which are influenced by shapes and forms of plants. Another local brand, represented in the cafe is NYKS with their handmade, natural candles, olive oil based and contained in cups made of copper, brass, nickel, marble and recycled glass. Most of the pots in which the plants are nesting were made by Gülriz Sansoy in her Atelier, which is downstairs of the cafe. Others were designed by local potters.

Müz Botanik

As soon as you enter the indoor garden, with its long, wooden table in the center, it feels a little like being stranded on an island serving delicious coffee from local roaster Petra Coffee, along with brownies and cookies made by BiteMe to make it even better.

For more information and to keep up to date with their various workshops, be sure to check out the official page for Müz or follow them on Instagram.

Images courtesy of the author.

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