One day while walking through the streets of Kadıköy searching for inspiration, I stumbled upon a magnificent art piece just ahead of me on the road — Crossroad by Sepe and Chazme. I realized there are many similar examples scattered around the city, and even when we walk by them, we can often fail to recognize them. I found it very intriguing, so I did some research on the web and learned there are many street artists out there, travelling to different cities around the world and spreading their art. Moreover, it turned out Istanbul is one of their favorite canvases. As I looked up some graffiti and prepared my route to capture them, the hardest part was yet to come. In my quest to photograph them, I walked kilometers, got lost, and even nearly got myself mugged. As I began passing through the various graffiti spots, I faced yet another challenge. Many had become a part of their environment, with people hanging stuff on them or parking their cars in front of them, thus leaving me with limited view and distance to take photos. Despite this, I tried my best to focus on the street art in Istanbul. The more I discovered and learned about these artists, the more I realized it was worth the difficulty. I generally captured around half of the most common ones, but there are more out there (including anonymous ones) if you want to discover for yourself. Good luck!

For best results, click to enlarge the images.

Talha Ayar
Talha describes himself as a self motivated amateur photographer. He is also an engineer, technology enthusiast, art and music lover. Born and raised in Istanbul, he follows his creativity and inspiration on the streets of the city.


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