Whether you would like to exercise, indulge in fresh air, or hang with your friends, Caddebostan Sahili is always a good idea. Regardless of the season, it always offers many options. Want to have fun with your friends? Bring some drinks and make a circle on the grass together. You can watch the sunset, play basketball on their courts or read your favourite book. You can also rent a bike! There are both a bicycle path and running track if you want some athletics. Or maybe you want to be alone? Just go there and sit on the concrete blocks by the sea, while listening to the waves and seagulls. I’ve always liked taking a walk in the cold winter, a cup of coffee in hand. In summer, as the weather gets warmer and drier, Caddebostan Sahili offers its prime times. Sometimes even DJs perform for the crowds! People skate and rollerblade, while others walk their dogs or even fly their drones. Located between Göztepe and Erenköy, you should definitely give it a visit sometime.

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Talha Ayar
Talha describes himself as a self motivated amateur photographer. He is also an engineer, technology enthusiast, art and music lover. Born and raised in Istanbul, he follows his creativity and inspiration on the streets of the city.


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