Insider Trading: 80s, 90s Music with Capital Radio 101.0

Yabangee’s most recent 90s party showed that while the 90s may be over time wise, the spirit and the music lives on. Who wouldn’t get their groove on with “Groove is in the Heaaaaart” or just lose it and shake their booty with “Baby Got Back!” The rush of spirit, soul, and energy of Michael Jackson will live on for decades, and “Smooth Criminal” will always remain the smoothest of songs for all time. We were all in our twenties and thirties, but it sure did Smell Like Teen Spirit there.


For those of us who just can’t enough of the 90s, there is a radio station in Istanbul dedicated to just that. Well, to the 80s too. Capital Radio, set to 101.0 in Istanbul, is a local station that broadcasts 80s and 90s music all day, every day. Anytime you feel like rejuvenating yourself with the rock, soul, R & B, and the oh-so-cool-and-fly rap notes of the cool, funky old days or need a break from the soulless, materialistic music of the present day, all you have to do is tune in on your radio to 101.0. Britney will be crooning  baby one more time, Janet will get all nasty, Techotronic will pump up the jam, MJ will be there with all his notes, while Boyz II Men will take you to the end of the road.

The other cool thing about this radio station is that it keeps its commercials really short. Each ad break starts with “It’s your life, your time, and it’s up to you what to do with it. Our commercial break will last just a short while.” And, it’s over in a minute or two. The station is worth a try just for that motto alone.

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Melis Kanik is a contributor to Yabangee


Melis Kanik
Melis is a fusion of cultures and nationalities. Born in Riyadh to Turkish parents, she grew up in the international, expat, and largely American community of Riyadh. She moved on to live also in the States, Italy, Belgium, and Malta, and has been a resident of Istanbul since 2004. She has a passion for music, fine arts, and the planet! She is a freelance journalist of classical music, and also runs the Faceboook page The Stage Cat where she shares news of classical concerts, events, festivals, and interviews.


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