Expat Spotlight Recap: #1 & #2

Expat Spotlight, in collaboration with ATÖLYE, is our monthly series showcasing the inspiring contributions being made by Istanbul’s diverse international community to the city’s cultural, sporting, humanitarian, and business spheres. We’ve had a fantastic time putting these events together, learning and adjusting as we move forward, and having the opportunity to bring wonderful people together. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet and work with the extraordinary guest speakers who have kindly volunteered to share their stories and experiences. For those who may have missed out or simply want more information, here are some details from our first two editions, on “health & wellness” and “writing”.

expat spotlight recap

Expat Spotlight #1: Health & Wellness (Tuesday 21 February)

Master of Ceremonies

David Jaques is an internationally published writer and editor. Having lived in Istanbul since 2014, he has been a prolific contributor for Yabangee, as well as worked for a number of other publications. Featuring a largely international scope, you can keep up with his various writings via https://amanwithoutacontinent.com/. David has also recently co-launched a new podcast on our city, Into Istanbul.

Guest Speakers

Anne Solhaug Tutar is the founder of Natura by Anne, providing a variety of 100% natural, healthy snacks that everyone can benefit from. You can keep up with their work via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can read our full interview with Anne here.

Moritz Marwein is the co-founder of JÜS, offering the city’s tastiest and healthiest cold pressed juices, as well as a number of plant-based food options. You can keep up with their work via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can read our full interview with Moritz here.

expat spotlight recap 1
Learning some Indian dance moves courtesy of Rajesh Rapaka.

Eda Günay is the founder and executive editor of Uplifers, an all-encompassing health blog that’s helping Turks live healthier, better lives. She was kind enough to be our local representative for the program’s debut. You can follow all their valuable work via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Janelle Berberoglu is the co-founder of Chikirina, an activewear and lifestyle brand aimed at inspiring women to be their best selves. You can follow their work via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can read our full interview with Janelle here.

Rajesh Rapaka is the co-founder of Takadhimi Hint Dansı, bringing Indian, Bollywood and world dance practices to Istanbul since 2001. You can keep up with their work via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

expat spotlight recap 3
James Tressler offers his views on writing. (Photo by Sina Opalka)

Expat Spotlight #2: Writing (Tuesday 21 March)

Master of Ceremonies

Katrinka Nadworny is a travel writer, photographer, and blogger. Her blog Katrinka Abroad is about travel, Turkey, and analogue photography. She travels around Turkey and Eastern Europe, searching for interesting stories, strange histories, and Soviet-era Brutalist buildings and monuments. She’s lived in Istanbul for 4 years. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Guest Speakers

Paul Benjamin Osterlund is a freelance journalist and writer based in Istanbul since 2011. He has written for The National, the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Al-Jazeera, and Roads & Kingdoms, among others. He is a regular contributor to Culinary Backstreets and holds an MA in Turkish Studies from Sabancı University. You can follow him on Twitter.

James Tressler is the author of several books, including Conversations in Prague and The Trumpet Fisherman and Other Istanbul Sketches.

Luke Frostick is a writer who is originally from the UK and has live in Japan before coming to Istanbul in 2015. He has set up The Bosphorus Review of Books and acts as its fiction and non-fiction editor.

expat spotlight recap 4
All our fantastic speakers on the night. (Photo by Sina Opalka)

Thomas Parker is a Muslim-American poet, writer and translator from Texas. He writes original poetry in English as well as translating from Turkish and Arabic. He is the co-founder and poetry editor of The Bosphorus Review of Books and is currently at work on a debut novel.

Jennifer Hattam is a freelance journalist from San Francisco who has been living in Istanbul since 2008. She writes about environmental, social, and urban issues, as well as art, culture, food, and travel for publications including The Atlantic, Culinary Backstreets, Discover, GOOD, Lonely Planet, and Sierra. You can follow her on Twitter or via her site.

William Armstrong writes book reviews for Hurriyet Daily News, presents and produces the Turkey Book Talk podcast, and has written freelance for Foreign Policy, Politico, Al Monitor, Times Literary Supplement, and others. You can follow him on Twitter or via his site.

Were you able to attend one of our Expat Spotlights? We’d love to hear your feedback! Please just send us an e-mail to editor@yabangee.com.



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