Dorantes & Taksim Trio: “Gypsies of Mediterannean” @ Zorlu PSM

Zorlu PSM will host the artist David Peña Dorantes together with the “Taksim Trio” on Wednesday 5 April. Set to start at 20:30, tickets are priced starting at 65 TL (52 TL for students) and are available via Biletix.

From the organizer:

Dorantes and Taksim Trio will bring the melodies of Lebrija and Istanbul together at the event called “Gypsies from Mediterranean”, which will take place on April 5th at Zorlu PSM!

David Peña Dorantes is a pianist and composer who has, in a way, added another dimension to flamenco with his unique style that brings the traditional and avand-garde together. Having broken the rules and boundaries of piano as an instrument and flamenco as a genre, he uses piano as an innovative tool to create melodies of flamenco.

Influenced by the French composer Claude Debussy and classical jazz, Dorantes has released 4 albums so far; Orodboy, Sur, Sin Muros and Paseo a dos. Having collaborated with esteemed musicians such as Lole Montoya, Alba Molina, Susheela Raman, El Barrio, Arcángel, Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda, José Mercé, Theodossi Spasov, Estrella Morente, Taksim Trio and Renaud Garcia-Fons throughout his career, the Andalusian musician received a Young Creator Award from the Spanish Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 2009, proving that he is in fact one of the most prominent figures of flamenco in the 21st century.

Taksim Trio was formed in 2007 by three esteemed musicians; Hüsnü Şenlendirici (clarinet), Aytaç Doğan (qanun) and İsmail Tunçbilek (baglama). Their namesake album was released the same year on the Doublemoon label and Taksim Trio 2 came in 2013 on the Dokuz Sekiz Müzik label after a couple of years in which the band members were busy with their respective work. Most recently having released Ahi last year, Taksim Trio has been performing in prestigious venues around Turkey and the world.

Dorantes and Taksim Trio, whose latest collaboration in the Sevilla Biennial 2016 received critical acclaim, will come together once again for a memorable night to show the harmony of melodies from the two sides of the Mediterranean! Gypsies from Mediterranean will at Zorlu PSM on April 5th!

For more information, check out the official event page or purchase tickets via Biletix.

Images sourced via Zorlu PSM.

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