Crowdfund a Web Series — “My Single Married Friend”

Rania Itani and Estefania Sierra are two expats in Istanbul currently crowdfunding their web series “My Single Married Friend”. Taking a humorous approach to the various adventures they have in the city, the show focuses on Maha & Sofía as they “deal with life’s absurd coincidences while trying to succeed as independent single/married women”. The campaign hopes to raise $7000 by Wednesday 15 June.

From the press release:

Maha, leaves Lebanon to start a new job in Istanbul at an Advertising firm owned by a young enthusiastic businessman. Sofía, a Mexican girl married to a Turkish man – yet lives separate from him during the weekdays – is trying to adapt to quite a few changes. Together Maha & Sofía deal with work, relationships, Turkish, absurd coincidences and mishaps that they face while trying to succeed as independent single/married women in Istanbul.

Each episode of “My Single Married Friend” focuses on a certain incident in the foreigner girls bizarre daily life in Istanbul, portraying absurd coincidences and mishaps that they face while trying to succeed as independent single/married women. The content talks about the labels of society from different points of view, whether you are single, married, divorced, shy, outgoing, unusual, we embrace all. We too have been labeled at some point of our lives. Being single/ married and at the same time beautiful/smart is not easy, believe us. My Single Married Friend is an invitation to consider the positive/funny side of our daily miserable lives. It is a show based on real life events, as dramatic as that sounds, real life can be surprisingly very funny.

What is so unique about “My Single Married Life”?
Everything. We know it may sound like we are exaggerating but it is indeed a very differentseries because all the components of the show come from different backgrounds. Istanbul is literally a bridge between two continents, and by being GLOCAL we targeted a global audience to talk about topics that people can relate to. MSMF reflects the irony, sarcasm, lightness and humor that resides in every unfortunate situation that could possibly occur among such diverse characters.

For more information or to provide support, check out the official crowdfunding page.



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