“Critical Distance” @ Ariel Sanat

Ariel Sanat will host “Critical Distance”, featuring artists Bilge Alkor, Silva Bingaz and Mürüvvet Türkyılmaz, from Thursday 9 March through Saturday 15 April. With conceptual framework by Norgunk, the exhibition is prepared by Ayşe Orhun Gültekin, Derya Yıldız and Buğra Yücesan.

critical distance

From the organizer:

Animals survive in nature as long as they keep their distance with others. A study by Swiss Animal Biologist Heini Hediger shows that there are several types of distances in this regard: personal distance, social distance, flight distance and the “critical distance”, signifying the point where flight becomes impossible. It is the moment, when an animal needs to skip measuring the strength of the opponent and start a defense attack against the aggressor.

Even though the animals in the “Animalia” series by Bilge Alkor seem to be restricted to their spaces, their close proximity or distances to one another clearly indicate a tension and a state of cautiousness. A butterfly and snake must definitely have something to tell each other. Only desolateness could define the sense of distance on the sea panorama, waving with the millimetric paper strips, by Mürüvvet Türkyılmaz. The old sailboat wrapped up in nylon is equally distant to any part of the world. For man, the critical distance starts when the belief in the world is jeopardized. As we see in the black-and-white photograph by Silva Bingaz, man is ready to venture everything to secure the continuation of its kind.

For more information, check out the official exhibition page.

Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 – 19:00

+90 212 261 57 11

Images courtesy of the gallery.

24 Maçka Caddesi, Narmanlı Apartmanı, Floor: 2 Apt: 22 – Teşvikiye 34367



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