Sundays: “Bean Beat Bite”

Bean Beat Bite is a Sunday morning event that occurs in collaboration with NOW. and Rave Mag. The event which can be referred to as a late breakfast, allows you to relax with coffee, small snacks and cool music in the boutique 3rd wave coffee shops of Istanbul between 15:00 – 18:00.

Sunday is Bean Beat Bite

For more information,check out the official facebook event pages for each locations.You can keep up with NOW. via their official site, Facebook or Instagram. You can keep up with Rave Mag via their official site, Facebook or Instagram.

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Izel Çelik
Izel is an architect, designer, art lover, traveler, dreamer, dog owner, sunset hunter and light-hearted party girl who was made in Samatya, Istanbul. She loves watching sunsets, having experiences, eating ice cream, talking too much and dancing a lot. She is always looking for things to do with her soul, creativity and love. She believes every other city is jealous of the beauty of Istanbul.


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