Through the Lens – Anatolian Side: Moda, Kadıkoy

There is an obvious sense of openness within the people on the Anatolian side- a welcoming trait that speaks volumes for those making the move. The neighbourhoods of Kadikoy almost reflect that of a small town, as Yeldeğirmeni claims boutique café’s, creative studio’s and open hangouts, its neighbour Moda does the same, just on a livelier level.

Despite the calmer atmosphere and overall current design and input of stores, parks, bars and cafes, young and old locals alike continue their lives as usual, in a more modern and appropriated area. The photos reflect this lifestyle- as different sides of the central city may appear to clash, they instead combine smoothly with one another to build a comfortable and animated atmosphere that continues to invite more and more visitors.

Sarah Muscari
Sarah has lived in Istanbul on and off for two years, travelling back and forth from Melbourne. After backpacking for 3 years, she finally picked Istanbul as a place to settle. In her spare time she focuses on photography and illustration, and to get by in the city works in freelance marketing.


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