Yabangee Recommends: “Where can I go for a non-chocolate dessert?”

Kanaat Lokantası
The ayva tatlısı at Kanaat Lokantası (Source: M. Patterson)

“Where can I go for a non-chocolate dessert?”

Sometimes chocolate is not the sweet you crave. Maybe you fancy something made with honey, fruit and nuts. Maybe even with cheese. Fortunately, a tribe of amazingly delicious desserts exist in the Turkish cuisine that could put chocolate to shame. After experiencing the ayva tatlısı at Kanaat Lokantası in Üsküdar, I nearly melted with ecstasy. You’re in luck because now is the season for this heavenly sweet. Ayva (quince) is cooked with cloves, a sweet syrup (sometimes even quince marmalade) and served with a generous topping of kaymak (clotted cream). Kanaat also offers quite a variety of other non-chocolate desserts like ekmek kadayıfı, the Turkish version of bread pudding, only way better than the original. They also serve aşure (Noah’s Ark pudding), another favorite autumnal dessert made with all kinds of fruits, nuts and grains. There are several other desserts to choose from that will let you explore the other side of sweet, and at the same time will leave you fantasizing about what you will order on your next visit to Kaanat.

Address: Selmani Pak Cd. No. 25, Üsküdar, Istanbul

Marga Patterson
Turkish at heart, lover of nature and adventure. Always ready to explore the hidden treasures of Istanbul. Drawing and writing keeps her alive and well. You can check out more of her work here: http://margapatterson.com/



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