Do you love collecting old stuff, or even just love browsing and getting that nostalgic retro feeling? Do you love old music, vinyl records, typewriters, or film cameras? Then the Feriköy Flea market is the place for you. Feriköy Flea market is near Osmanbey metro station, close to the Bomonti area and is open every Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00. You’ll find the sellers enjoying their time drinking tea and chatting with each other, letting off an especially unique vibe. Crowds browse through the market stalls and get to know each other while trading smiles. You can find old LPs, cutlery, jewelry, books, clothes and every other typical flea market item among the 200+ stalls.

You might assume you won’t be spending much time there once you arrive, but after like three or four hours there, you will be surprised that you haven’t even gotten halfway through. You can find all sorts of prices in the market starting from 1 TL up into the thousands and you never know what kind of weird items you’ll stumble onto, from Nazi arm patches and trumpets to Ottoman swords. I was pleased to find hundreds of old film and video cameras from the 1920s up until the 1990s. Kitchen tools, key chains, accessories, radios, cassettes and a wide variety of other items can be found there.

Don’t miss out on giving it a visit. It is quiet, nice, and people there will brighten your day. You’re guaranteed to end up buying stuff you never even thought you’d be interested in.

Grew up in Cairo, Egypt. Currently living in Istanbul to finish my bachelor degree in International Relations. Me and my camera are inseparable. I admire anything that's art related and appreciate anything that has creativity within.


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