Hiring: Marketing & Business Development Associate & Intern @ Expertera

From Expertera:

We are hiring ambitious candidates who want to work in a fast-paced, dynamic start-up environment. The candidates will work side-by-side with an entrepreneur and will assist in all activities related to growing a business, with a focus on sales, marketing and business development.


Like any entrepreneur, the ideal candidates should:

  • Be curious
  • Demonstrate initiative and drive
  • Be willing to stretch beyond comfort zone
  • Learn and adapt quickly
  • Be willing to take on responsibility and follow-up
  • Be a good listener
  • Be resourceful – able to execute solutions under limited time and resources
  • Be determined and have patience
  • Be willing to work hard, play hard

The selected candidates will learn:

  • What is it like to be an entrepreneur
  • How to grow and promote a global business – how to identify leads, qualified potential clients, etc.
  • Sales, marketing & business development methods – including growth-hacking, digital and content marketing, market & competitive research, branding, relationship mgmt, sales, networking, etc.
  • How to work with different business functions & vendors/external parties

The selected candidates must have:

  • Excellent English and Turkish written and oral communication skills.
  • Very good use of Microsoft Office applications, especially Excel and Power Point
  • Good organizational skills and the desire to learn

If successful, the candidates are guaranteed to have an excellent support system and invaluable wide network he/she can utilize for future career advancement.

*The internship can lead to full-time employment.*

To Apply: Send a brief explanation about why you are interested (100 words max) and your CV to hayal@expertera.com.

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