Postponed: 1001 International Documentary Film Festival

The 18th International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, in partnership with the Municipality of Kadıköy, is set to take place at various venues across the city from Friday 2 through Wednesday 7 October. This year’s festivities revolve around the theme “Dreams and Realities Cannot Be Censored”, with free entry to all the screenings. This event has been delayed, with new events TBA.


From the organizer:

The Association of Documentary Filmmakers is preparing to tell the truths for the 18th time with the 1001 Documentary Film Festival in partnership with the Municipality of Kadıköy as its main sponsor and host. The festival chooses the theme “Dreams and Realities Cannot Be Censored” and will take place between October the 2nd and 7th.

The festival aims to expand the theme of “Dreams and Realities Cannot Be Censored” through the main questions: “who can forcefully sabotage the dreams of others?” and “what power can mask the truth forever?”.


The sciences and the arts focalize freedom and proceed accordingly. Every scientist, artist and in this case, filmmaker begin their quest with a vital resource at their side, their dreams. Their dreams are the key to unlock the chest of realities. Artists’ prophecies have been and continue to be denied by political “overlords”, are denied passage by being sent behind steel bars. Examples of such are plenty within Turkey and all over the Earth. Is this enough to discourage the artist? Most certainly not! Obstacles might delay, deny the filmmaker, but could never, will never discourage them from telling their tales throughout the lands, all over planet earth.

The value of the produced art may not be noticed, the viewer may not recognise it or not praise the artistry with their applause. Or, the work of art may evolve into a cınematic masterpiece through time with changes in the public’s morale codes and tastes. The réason primaré is that the audience can be the only measure in the value of a work of art.

Every political entity that attempts to blockade art and the filmmaker is destined to fail and be forgotten in the chasm of darkness.


The selected works for the 1001 Documentary Film Festival will be open to viewing in a variety of locations throughout the city. Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi, Barış Manço Kültür Merkezi, Yeldeğirmeni Kültür Merkezi, Kadıköy Theatron ve TAK (Tasarım Kadıköy) are the locations of the screenings.


The 18. 1001 Documentary Film Festival affords attendees the chance to take part in many significant activities and panels. This year after the presentation of ‘City Films’, workshops on the subject will be held at the TAK. The international 1001 Documentary Film Festival will continue its partnership with Germans Film through co-screenings.

Art is for everyone. If the dreams of the filmmaker are to portray real stories through the prism of cinema; they should then make an effort to equally reach every individual. The 18th International Documentary Film Festival will provide special screenings and activities for the handicapped and disabled film aficionados.

Certain moments in time change the flow of humanity and the collective life of the public in an irreparable way. You no longer can think, express your feelings or bow in submission to the wrong doings. The impact of these moments may be immediate or more subtle by effecting change over a longer time. So where does documentary filmmaking stand in this paradox? Should it be digging up the events that changed the fates of humanity and screen it for its viewers? Or can documentaries also tell contemporary stories as they are happening? The International 1001 Documentary Film Festival will be searching for answers to this dilemma at the panel titled ‘Can a contemporary documentary be produced; through the example of the Gezi uprising?’.

Aksinden Yansı who personifies the mantra ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and recorded the commotion on the streets of Ankara in the year 2000 through a more truthful, alternative angle will also be joining the panel.

For more information, follow the festival on Facebook, Twitter or via their official site.

Tarik Yassien
Tarik Yassien is an American who relocated to Istanbul in an effort to connect with his Turkish roots. His passions here include the cuisine, nightlife and football culture.


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