About Us

About Yabangee

Yabangee.com was founded in early 2012 as a means for keeping expats living in Istanbul informed about events going on in the city.

Since then, with our talented team of contributors from both Turkey and abroad, Yabangee.com has become one of the best English-language resources for finding out what’s going on in Istanbul. In our short time, we have expanded to include just some of the following features on our site:

  • Music and exhibition reviews

  • Travel literature

  • Advice on practical needs for foreigners

  • Travel, history and culture articles

  • Event updates

  • Maps pinpointing where and when events will be held

  • Competitions

  • Yabangee-sponsored events

  • Events calendar

Our site was founded as, and continues to be a labour of love for us, with the aim of being as informative, innovative and inclusive as possible.

Event Notifications

If you are aware of an event occurring in Istanbul that you think our readers would like to know about, then let us know by e-mailing pr@yabangee.com.

Advertising Inquiries

Yabangee was founded as a labour of love, and the focus has continually been its utility to readers. For this reason, we are extremely fussy about advertising, and limit it to services that we believe are going to be useful to our readers. For more details, e-mail webmaster@yabangee.com.

Disclaimer Notice

The opinions expressed by our contributors in their articles are theirs alone and do not reflect the views of Yabangee.

Do you have an interest in art, music, film, literature and Turkish culture? Want to write for Yabangee? 

Email us at webmaster@yabangee.com.