Coming Soon: 36th IKSV Film Festival

The 36th IKSV Film Festival is set to start on April 5th. The program of the 36th Istanbul Film Festival was announced on March 14th by IKSV at the Marmara Hotel, the official hotel sponsor of the institution. The festival boasts a captivating program, across the dates of April 5th-15th, featuring 203 films, from sixty-one different countries, across twenty-one different categories.

The festival will also feature competitions, with up to thirteen films competing per category. These include awards for the “International Competition,” “Human Rights in Cinema,” “The Golden Tulip Competition,” and the “National Documentary Competition.”

36th IKSV Film Festival

Among the highlights of the 36th Film Festival is the concept of “Köprüde Buluşmalar” or “Encounters across the Bridge.” Accordingly, producers, directors, screenwriters, and internationally acclaimed film professionals will be brought together, not only via their films on the screen, but also in person during galas, interviews, and special events.

On April 8th at 21:00, at Salon IKSV, a concert will be held under the title “Music from Films and Musicals,” featuring renowned Turkish musicians and actors. The opening ceremony on April 4th will award the renowned actor Ian McKellen in the flesh. Sir McKellen will also give a talk at Albert Long Hall of Bosphorus University on Friday, April 7th.

Film Categories
Young Masters features films across the world, from Venezuela to Japan to Greece and Argentina, as well as a co-production of Spain, Morocco, France, and Qatar.

Documentary time with NTV features documentaries of politics to dance to biographical movies of renowned personas.

Antidepressants  features what I can only imagine to be some comic relief for the movie-goer. Titles that capture interest are Paris Pieds Nus (Lost in Paris) — a French-Belgian production,  Journey to Greenland (France),  Through the Wall (Israel), and the Egyptian film Al Ma’wal Khodra wal Wajh al Hassan (Brooks, Meadows and Lovely Faces).

Short movies, international festival award winners, producer debuts, “hidden gems,” love stories… You name it, the 36th International Film Festival will have it.

Take Notes
Movies will play at Atlas and Rexx cinemas, Kanyon and City’s shopping malls, as well as at the Italian Cultural Institute.

Tickets are available starting on Saturday, March 25th, at 10:30, and can be purchased from Biletix and the box offices at Atlas and Rexx cinemas. The festival catalog will be on sale for 8 TL at Atlas and Rexx cinemas and at IKSV from Monday, March 20th.

The festival also draws attention with its reasonable prices, particularly in its student discounts. All screenings at 21:30 will cost 20 TL for all. However, weekday daytime screenings (11:00, 13:00, and 16:00) are just 8 TL, with 20,000 seats available for a mere 1 TL for students.

Weekdays at 19:00 and weekends are 20 TL again, but students and senior citizens over the age of 65 get a discounted rate of 14 TL.

Screenings at the Pera Museum will cost 8 TL for all.

The festival can be followed on Facebook, using the hashtag #istfilmfest17, as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Don’t miss out!

Images sourced via IKSV.

Melis Kanik
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