Professional Help for Your Residence Permit Application Process

If you’ve landed here, you’re likely looking for some professional help with your residence permit application process. We don’t blame you, it’s super stressful! We’ve partnered with Residence Permits Made Easy to facilitate the whole process at the best rates we could find. It is necessary to apply through our form below to ensure you’re given the best rate possible.

There are a number of options when working with an organization to get your residence permit.

First, if you wish to free yourself almost entirely of the stress associated with the process, then a full service package is your best bet. It essentially includes help with every step of the process that’s necessary:

  • Assistance with booking and setting up an appointment
  • Arranging health insurance and all associated fees
  • Acquiring a tax number
  • Opening a bank account
  • All associated residence permit card and tax fees
  • All necessary notarization
  • Accompaniment of bi-lingual professional to residence permit appointment
  • Miscellaneous issues
  • Consultation

The rates for the full package vary depending on age (as a result of insurance rates doing the same): Ages 18 – 25 (1250 TL) /// Ages 25 – 30 (1300 TL) /// Ages 31 – 35 (1400 TL) /// Ages 36 – 40 (1450 TL) /// Ages 41 – 45 (1550 TL) /// Ages 46 – 50 (1650 TL) /// Ages 51 – 55 (1850 TL) /// Ages 56 – 60 (2000 TL) /// Ages 61 – 65 (2750 TL)

For the full-service package, you can fill out the following:

LGBTQA Night #1 Feedback Form

You can typically expect to hear from them within 24 hours. If you have any issues, feel free to get in touch with us via

If you’re seeking assistance or have a question about just an individual aspect of the process (i.e. getting a tax number, arranging the appointment, having someone accompany you, etc.) then you can fill out the following form and you’ll receive an answer and/or price quote shortly after:

Residence Permit - Miscellaneous
Check all that apply. If not mentioned below, skip to the next field.

Note: If you’re trying to only arrange health insurance, we have streamlined that process here.



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